Welcome to Metro Attorney Service Inc.

Welcome to Metro Attorney Service Inc.

Welcome to Metro Attorney Service Inc.Welcome to Metro Attorney Service Inc.Welcome to Metro Attorney Service Inc.

New York's Best Process Service Company.  Best Process Server New York City.  Quality Process Serving and Courthouse Service 

Metro Attorney Service Inc. is New York's best process server and full-service legal support company. Serving New York City, New York State and National law firms.  Metro Attorney Service Inc. specializes in process serving, secretary of state service, document filings and retrievals, issuance of New York State subpoenas under CPLR 3102(e) and 3119, skip tracing, Department of Motor Vehicle searches, address verifications, as well as various related legal support services.  We are insured, bonded and in full compliance with all of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs requirements governing the service of process within the city of New York. 

Process Serving and Document Handling

Taking your time frame and client needs into account, we offer filing, retrieval and service of process, when you need them, all under the direction of an in house lawyer. 

 Process Service  -  All of our servers work exclusively for Metro Attorney Service Inc. under the direction of our in house attorney.  All of our servers are licensed and insured.

Rush and Routine  -  Our competent, responsible servers always meet if not exceed any expectations. 

Filing, E-Filing and Retrievals  -  Our employees have years of experience in all courts.  They will save you time and aggravation.  If we can't get what you are looking for, no one can.  

Issue New York State Court Subpoenas  -  Our in house attorney can meet any and all needs you may have in getting out of state court cases domesticated for the purposes of discovery in New York.  

Skip Tracing, DMV, Address Verifications and More.....  -  Our access to information technologies and having people on the ground in every corner of the globe can provide you with the valuable information you need to initiate a lawsuit or obtaining the address to locate that lowlife.   

We are able to get the difficult and impossible out of the DMV (New York State Department of Motor Vehicles) like certified insurance expansion applications for registration and drivers licenses as well as other hard to obtain documents.  


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Metro Attorney Service Inc.

305 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10007, US

(212) 822-1421 FAX (212) 822-1426 Alternate FAX (646) 355-0265 (845) 475-8244 [Google Voice] (888) 561-6064 [Toll Free] evan@masny.us NYC Department of Consumer Affairs License Number 1320502

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